Custom Therapeutic Massage

Customized to Meet Your Needs

For all appointments, I perform an in depth intake to learn your health history, current stress level (emotional and physical), and specific goals for the massage that day.  Each massage is catered to a your individual needs, including an appropriate mix of light/firm/deep pressure, focused attention to specific areas of discomfort or issues you are currently experiencing, and mixing in energetic work when requested or applicable.


The plan for each session is always discussed beforehand and adjusted as needed based on feedback or requests.  Some clients may prefer a full body massage with extra attention to some key areas, while others may request the majority of a massage be spent on one or two areas, with compressions done elsewhere to keep balance. This may also change on different visits.


It is my goal to work with each client and meet their needs of that day, as well as look ahead to the long term benefits of massage treatments.


Variety of Session Lengths

Sessions are offered in lengths of 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes. You can opt for a shorter session when on a tight schedule or as a quick maintenance massage. Longer sessions can incorporate full body treatments with greater focus and flow.

Amenities for an Effective Treatment​

There are many forms of therapy that can enhance the efficacy and enjoyment of a massage session. I strive to incorporate these elements into sessions as appropriate, and to add new amenities when possible. Some of these include:

  • Table Warmer - with adjustable settings

  • Essential Oils and Specialty Creams - I use high quality essential oils, with permission, that may be diffused into the air or used directly on the skin. Many of these have specific therapeutic benefits, and may also just add to the overall enjoyment of treatment. I also offer a specific essential oil treatment (text to right). Some creams are for cooling or warming effects to help with pain, inflammation, and massage depth.

  • Hot Packs - I keep some very nice hot packs warm and ready to use to help loosen and soothe tight, sore areas and to add to your overall relaxation.

  • Hot, Wet Towels - When applied directly to the skin with some massage pressure, these are extremely effective at loosening particularly taut, tense muscles, and enhance the overall effectiveness of treatment.

  • Organic, Vegan Cream - The main cream, lotion and oils I use are high quality, organic, vegan products. Primarily, I use SacredEarth Botanicals cream and lotion during massage sessions. These unscented, organic, vegan products are high quality and environmentally friendly.

Essentially Heaven essential oil treatment

Essentially Heaven is a variation of the doTerra AromaTouch essential oil treatment. It is a healing, soothing and extremely relaxing essential oil technique using high quality doTerra essential oils.

During treatment, you lie face-down on the table. Eight oils are dropped and spread along the spine one by one in a specific order and spread in a light and rhythmic fashion. Two oils are also used on the feet.

This treatment is designed to reduce stress and inflammation, bolster the immune system, and enhance balance and homeostasis. Treatment is about 30-45 minutes and can be a single individual service or added to a massage session (30 to 60-min plus the oil treatment).

Essential Oils

DoTerra essential oils and products are for sale online and in the office. To visit the online store, follow this link: doTerra Store.

Essential Oil Treatments


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