Massage Therapy

Massage has been utilized as a form of therapy and healing for thousands of years. Defined simply as the application of techniques of soft tissue manipulation, there are countless forms of massage that have developed over the years, comprising a vast and various pool of methods that can be used with a recipient for endless benefits, be it addressing a specific issue or complaint, encouraging overall wellbeing and health, or preventative measures.

Though widely used and accepted in other cultures for centuries and sometimes millennia, massage has only fairly recently grown in popularity in the US.  As familiarity with and understanding of this powerful tool of wellbeing spreads, it is quickly becoming a sought after treatment, working its way into many settings, including medical offices and hospitals.  Many individuals have already found it to be an important component to routine care and wellbeing, as well as a tool to assist healing from injuries.

The benefits of massage range from improvement of specific physiological functions to mental relaxation and the exponential somato-emotional gains one takes from that. Some of the most commonly reported effects of massage include: decreases stress and anxiety; promotes relaxation; lessens muscle spasm cramping; improves circulation and lymph drainage, boosting the immune system, helps regulate blood pressure; improves flexibility, and reduces scar tissue. Massage is an excellent tool for athletes, professional and casual, in training, pre- and post-event sessions, injury or event recovery, and for general maintenance.

Why is this important?


You are imporant - your health and wellness are the foundation of your ability to be your best, do what's important, experience and live life. At its very basic, wellness is survival - it's proper functioning of your body to keep you alive. On a much deeper level, it's also your sense of peace, well-being, and connection to yourself, and the world around you: physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.


It's how you feel. We often forget ourselves in the buzz of life, trying to serve others and worrying about everyone around us. Yet you cannot serve others well unless you are taking care of yourself.


Massage is just one component of wellness care. There are many other services available that can support your best, most healthy self. Along with these other practitioners (acupuncture, medical, nutrition, etc.), self care and self practices (meditation, exercise, stretching, good diet, connecting with others, etc.) are equally, if not more, important. For some references and suggestions, check out the "Learn" section of this website for information, tips, and referrals. 


I look forward to being a small part of your journey toward being your best, most well, you!

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